This cushion reveals Jeff Goldblum's face with a Christmas message and you're gonna want one 3 years ago

This cushion reveals Jeff Goldblum's face with a Christmas message and you're gonna want one

Jeff Goldblum. Actor. Musician. Meme. And now, cushion

Christmas is on the horizon, and no doubt you'll be faced with the same issue that so many of us are at this time of year: what do I buy for the Jeff Goldblum-obsessed loved ones in my life?


A classic Jurassic Park poster? A Jeff Goldblum action figure? A copy of Jeff's new jazz album?

All viable options. Or they were, until this cushion came along.


The Jeff Goldblum Sequin Pillow is, as the name suggests, a sequin cushion that, when brushed in the right way, reveals the face of beloved actor Jeff Goldblum and a message: all he wants for Christmas is you.

"This reversible sequin/scales pillow will be a perfect gift for your friend, beloved one or a perfect home decor item," manufacturers FarFromAverage say.

"We ensure high quality material, every pillow is produced in my in-house studio in Europe, no cheap China materials used."


The cushion (they're calling it a pillow but whatever, that's a cushion) is 15.6" square, handmade and each is made to order from Germany. The cover material is Rayon, and the cushion is filled with cotton. You can get it as just a cushion cover, or for a few quid more it'll come with its own cushion.

But how do you acquire  this sensational piece of homeware? The cushion is available from Etsy and will set you back £23.25. The shipping is free, folks.

"I love this pillow and can't wait to give it to my son for Christmas," one commenter said of the cushion. "Quick shipping. I took a start off because some of the sequins are stuck together/sticky, but overall, good gift for a child."


As Jeff once said, these Etsy stores were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should, but it doesn't matter because they definitely should, and have. So it's all fine.