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22nd Nov 2022

Jack Grealish says little sister with cerebral palsy is his ‘best friend’

Steve Hopkins

‘She’s like my best friend. I speak to her all the time’

Jack Grealish, whose touching victory dance after scoring in England’s World Cup opener against Iran melted hearts across the world, has sealed his status as a national sweetheart, by revealing that his little sister Hollie is his “best friend”.

Grealish shares a close bond with the 19-year-old who has cerebral palsy and lost a brother when he was young.

During an interview with BBC Sport Grealish revealed Hollie and his entire family are really proud of him and tell him all the time.

The 27-year-old told the broadcaster: “My little brother passed away when I was young.

“My little sister has cerebral palsy, so she, you know, she’s like my best friend. I speak to her all the time.”

When told that Hollie must be “so proud” of her brother, Grealish said: “She is. She’ll live with my mum forever, so my mum was always looking after the kids, whereas my dad would take me and my brother to Villa Park on a Saturday.

“On the Sunday he’d just drive me then to wherever it was, wherever I was playing. And not everyone’s parents did that and he’s so proud of me – and he ain’t, like, shy of saying it, he’s always tells me and stuff how proud he is of me.”

On Monday football fans delighted in watching Grealish do a rather special celebration dance after scoring against Iran in the team’s 6-2 victory.

After scoring, Grealish waved his arms by his sides, fulfilling a promise he’d made to a young boy who has cerebral palsy.

Speaking after the match, Grealish explained to the BBC: “I met young Finlay about a month ago, and yeah, got on obviously really well with him.

“Him obviously having cerebral palsy like my little sister as well, so you know, he asked me to do a celebration for him – and luckily for him it came at the World Cup.”

He added: “For me, it’s just doing a celebration, but for for him that will mean the world to him I’m sure, especially me doing it at the World Cup – so Finlay, that one’s for you.”

In another post-match interview, Grealish told ITV: “I said to him that the next time I score I would do the celebration for (him).

“I don’t know how he’d rate my dance moves – to be honest I ain’t the best dancer, unless it’s later on in the night – but, honestly, I had to do it and I think he’ll be buzzing at home that it happened in a World Cup instead of the Premier League.”

Finlay spoke to BBC Breakfast on Tuesday and said the moment he saw Grealish perform the move he thought “oh my word, he’s done the worm”. Later he said he “could not believe” it had happened.

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