7 handy web extensions to kickstart your productivity 6 years ago

7 handy web extensions to kickstart your productivity

Web extensions work much like apps on your smartphone, using nifty bits of tech to turbocharge your online experience.

We've taken a look at some of the best web extensions to help you get more stuff done and free up more time for things you really enjoy. Turbo charge your browsing experience with these selection of web extensions and kick start your productivity. Don't work harder, work smarter.


For the procrastinator - Download Momentum (available on Chrome)

Find yourself flipping between multiple tabs, forgetting what you were meant to be doing? Momentum is a nifty little “To Do” web extension that opens up every time you open a new tab. Type in “DO YOUR WORK” as your top priority and get moving.



For the bookworm - Download Pocket (available on Chrome & Firefox)

You’ll never be short of reading material again with Pocket. The extension, which works best in conjunction with its smartphone/tablet app, allows you to save web articles to be read offline at a later date. So rather than have your computer grind to a halt by all those tabs you have saved for later, just ‘pocket’ the story and read it on your phone at a later date.


For the picture fans - Download Hover Free (Chrome & Firefox) / Thumbnail Zoom (Firefox)


Both of these web extensions work in the same way: by hovering your cursor over a thumbnail, they open a full-size version of the image to pop up. One of those apps where you wonder why it isn't the industry standard.


For the list makers  - Wunderlist (Chrome & Firefox) / Any.Do (Chrome)

If you’re the type of person who works better knowing what task comes next, then Any.Do or Wunderlist are for you. Both web extensions work for Chrome and sync across all your devices, so you can leave yourself a reminder to fetch milk as you leave the office and remind yourself again on the bus home.



For those living with bad internet - Get Lazarus (Chrome & Firefox)

You’re doing something that takes a lot of time online and then your internet shorts out. Nightmare. Don’t get caught short, as Lazarus saves a backup every time your browser crashes. Never refill a form again.


For those with deadlines - Download Stay Focusd (Chrome)


Need that project done by 4pm, but still mucking about on Youtube? Get Stay Focusd and block your most constant distractions ahead of your next big working session. Don’t get sidetracked and stuck in a Wikipedia hole.


For the man who always forgets his password - 1 Password (Chrome)

Constantly forgetting your login details? Web extension 1Password is a handy secure place to store your passwords for Netflix, Amazon and the like. Get it got and stop leaving making easy guessed passwords like “letmein1”