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26th Nov 2023

‘I wear a necklace full of my boyfriend’s blood – people think it’s weird but I think it’s romantic’

Ryan Grace

Super romantic or down right creepy?

Flowers at the train station, cooking a romantic meal, the list goes on when it comes to romantic gestures.

However a girl on TikTok has gone viral for a very unusual show of affection.

@dani_apples from New York wears a heart-shaped pendant… with a twist.

The necklace is filled with her partner’s blood.

Her boyfriend gifted her the jewellery which she was more than happy to show off online

Her video has racked up nearly 6 million views on TikTok…


Replying to @Angelina Izabel the perfect gift for the witchy goth girl in your life 🦇

♬ Dance of the Dead – Timothy Chooi
@dani_apples on TikTok

@dani_apples describes the pendant of blood as “super cute”

Her boyfriend had the necklace made when he stumbled across a small business called Belmont Lowe, which specialises in blood jewellery

You simple choose the design you want and donate there and then at the arts fair.

Dani explains in the video:

“He went to Belmont Lowe, a blood smith that takes your blood and mixes it with resin to create rings, necklaces, jewellery, art”

As you might imagine, they don’t come cheap.

These blood-filled jewels can range from around $300 to $600 with a deposit.

And if the prices don’t make you faint, drawing the blood on site might do it…

“The perfect gift for the witch goth girly in your life”

It certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but Dani couldn’t be happier.

She explains in the video:

“I loved the rings so much but they were mor expensive so I chose a necklace.

My boyfriend isn’t scared of needles so he got his blood drawn on site like a champ”

As you might imagine the comments section on the video is a real mixed bag.

Some see the romance, with a couple of people writing:

“My boyfriend needs to propose to me this way” and “I would marry a man if he gave me a necklace of his blood”

However not everyone was keen on the token of love.

Another viewer called the move “insane” with a fellow doubter questioning if the whole thing is even legal.

One thing’s for sure, they’re definitely one of a kind, and not one to buy on an empty stomach.