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04th Jun 2018

Gingers are finally getting their own emojis

"Gingers are emojis too, you know"

Kyle Picknell

The war is over. The battle is won.

An emoji update is coming on Tuesday and they are, quite wisely, bringing a whole host of incredibly useful new art to our mobile phones. 157 brand new emojis are coming, taking the current total up to a quite frankly ludicrous 2,823 in total.

And to think, all we ever really use is the flame, the smiling poo and the laughing-crying face. Maybe the sceptical eyes occasionally. That’s about it. It’s a complete waste. It’s a real laughing-crying shame.

Have you ever been scrolling through, trying desperately to pick the perfect emoji for a situation and just never finding it? Well, let me tell you: that’s all about to change.

As long as you were looking for an emoji of a llama, or an abacus, or a ginger person, that’s all. About. To change. Here they are folks:

Image courtesy of Emojipedia

Emoji Checklist


Bald people!

Frizzy hair!


Lacrosse racket!



Petri dish!

Stick of dynamite!


A strand of DNA!

Shopping receipt!


And many, many more.

It will take a while for different operating systems to update, but users can expect to see the new collection on their phone screens within the next month, meaning it won’t be long before you can send out toilet roll and bagel emojis as you see fit.

You can find the full list of all 157 over at Emojipedia along with details of the release.

And for some unknown reason, there is a trailer. So here is that for you to watch, I guess, complete with the music from your friend’s Bali travelling video filmed exclusively on a GoPro: