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05th Jul 2022

Horrific moment fire dancer engulfed by flames after performance goes wrong in front of tourists

Charlie Herbert

Fire dancer becomes engulfed in flames when act goes wrong

Warning: contains footage some readers may find distressing

The incident took place at a resort in Crimea

A crowd were left horrified after a fire dancer was engulfed in flames during a performance before being helped by onlookers.

The performer suffered burns mainly to his mouth and face after his performance went badly wrong.

The man is only identified as 35-year-old Grigory. In video footage of the incident, he is performing in Feodosia, a resort in Crimea.

As he tries to blow a column of fire from the flame he is twirling around, his mouth suddenly catches fire as the kerosene ignites.

The man was performing on the embankment in Feodosia, a resort in occupied Crimea, which Russia annexed from Ukraine in 2014 (YouTube)

He quickly puts his hand to his mouth but the flames then appear to spread across his face and upper body.

As he tries to blow a column of flames, his mouth sets on fire (YouTube)

The 35-year-old falls to the ground as the flames engulf his body (YouTube)

As he falls to the ground, members of the crowd rush over to help smother the flames with their clothes and bare hands.

Paramedics were quickly on the scene, say reports.

Onlookers rush to smother the flames (YouTube)

You can watch the terrifying footage here.

According to local media, the performer was rushed to hospital in Simferopol and is in a “serious but stable” condition.

“The victim was hospitalised at Simferopol Clinical Emergency Hospital No. 6,’ said a statement from the Health Ministry in Crimea.

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