'Moron' caught on video flooring himself with wild sucker punch before walking off 1 month ago

'Moron' caught on video flooring himself with wild sucker punch before walking off

Absolute scenes in Worcester

A man has gone viral after a clip of him flooring himself as he goes for a haymaker punch was shared online.


In the clip, several men are stood outside on the street at night, with the majority seemingly minding their own business.

But clearly something has upset the man in the yellow hoodie. From behind, he tries to hit the man in front of him with a huge sucker punch.

However, as he does this, the man bends down to pick something up off the floor, causing the man - who we will now call Yellow Hoodie - to completely miss, himself ending up on the floor because of the sheer strength behind his swing.


The clip, which seems to have been filmed on Snapchat, was shared on Twitter with the simple caption: "Got to love Worcester ay"

It has been viewed more than 16.7m times.


Obviously, many couldn't get over the hilarity of the footage, with some pointing out how fortunate the man who bent over was.

One person wrote: "Man has spidey senses. Casually steps forward and bends over to pick something up to cause the swing and miss. Love it."

Another said: "The funniest thing is that the guy doesn't even know he's tried to punch him!"


Others voiced their anger at Yellow Hoodie for trying to punch the man from behind, when he isn't looking and is defenceless.

One user tweeted: "Deserved being decked that lad for throwing a punch when the lads turned the other way. Lucky it was himself in the end and decided that's it for the night."

Another said it was "snide."

A third said it was "just as well" that he missed, saying it was a "brilliant way to accidentally kill someone," with another adding he could have "easily ended up on a manslaughter charge behaving like that."


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