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06th Jan 2023

Desperate father pleads with ex-wife to cancel plans to chemically castrate son, 9


Jeff Younger

The boy’s mother says their son has been diagnosed with gender dysphoria by three professionals

A desperate father has been pleading with his ex wife to cancel plans to chemically castrate their son after she moved to California from Texas.

Appearing on Tucker Carlson Tonight,  Jeff Younger, from Texas, showed a video of his nine-year-old child, James, claiming he’s a girl.

When asked if he was a boy, James told his dad in the video: “No, I’m a girl.”

Younger claimed his ex-wife, Dr. Anne Georgulas, planned to chemically castrate their son by the age of nine, his current age.

Georgulas says James has been diagnosed with gender dysphoria by three mental health professionals and is helping her son transition to a girl named Luna.

“My blood ran cold when I realized what she had planned for that boy,” Younger told Carlson.

Chemical castration can be completed through injections, implants, or oral medication to stop sex hormone production, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

“She started transitioning him when he was two. She tried to enroll him in a gender clinic when he was five – the Genesis Clinic in Dallas, Texas. Pediatrician records show that she intended to chemically castrate him at age eight or nine, his current age.

“And then he magically moves to California? I don’t think this is an accident.”

California has a sanctuary law which became effective on January 1 that “provide[s] refuge for trans kids and their families” from other states’ restrictions on child gender modification.

Younger claimed that his wife divorced him so she could allow their son to undergo the medical procedure. He says that a temporary court order was in place that forbade Younger from “even telling my son that he was a boy.”

In 2019, Younger was granted 50/50 rights to his children to help block his wife’s advancements toward the medical procedure.

But earlier this week, the Texas Supreme Court dismissed his petition to prohibit his ex-wife from moving with their two children to California, The Texan reports.

“Eventually, [she] allowed my ex to move to California just a few days before the sanctuary law in California went into effect,” he claimed.

In October 2019, Georgulas won a court case that allowed her to put James through hormone therapy to block puberty.

Georgulas, who is a pediatrician, had long argued that James is transgender and wanted her child to transition to a girl named Luna.

Younger believes his son is just confused though.

He accused Georgulas of forcing James to socially transition into a girl by making the child wear dresses. However, she claimed three mental health professionals had diagnosed James with gender dysphoria and that therapists had recommended they start using the name Luna instead of James.

Georgulas said she had noticed James was requesting girl-themed toys, was imitating female Disney characters and was asking to wear dresses.

When she took him to see a gender therapist at a children’s hospital, it was recommended that James start social transitioning by wearing dresses to school and going by the name Luna.

Younger claims his ex-wife had been forcing the transition ever since their divorce and has accused Georgulas of starting to manipulate their child when James was just three years old accusing her of locking their son in the bedroom and telling their child that “monsters only eat boys.”

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