Fans save dangling cat at American football game 9 months ago

Fans save dangling cat at American football game

Cats might have nine lives but these wholesome football fans weren't taking any chances

A group of American football fans rescued a cat dangling from the stands during a game at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami yesterday.


The game between the NCAA sides, the Miami Hurricanes and the Appalachian State Mountaineers, became secondary to the unravelling story as fans waited with bated breath to witness the dangling cat clinging on high above the seats themselves.

As you can see in the video, the fortunate feline is barely clinging to the wire running around the upper tier of a stand and as the screaming and shouting grows louder, he can no longer hold on.


Thankfully, quick-thinking fans decided to turn their American flags into a canopy to catch the cat as it fell, and caught it they did. Well played, folks, you're everyday heroes. And breathe...


After everyone's BPM dropped to acceptable levels, security was on hand to secure the renegade cat and removed it from the stadium. We're just glad the #HardRockCat is ok—he's more than ok, in fact, this little guy should get his own documentary, Free Solo style.

What is with cats and being either ridiculously blasé about everything or absolutely peak chaotic energy?


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