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07th Oct 2015

Drunk Tory wakes up in different city after £300 Uber cab ride

He must have been wasted...

Tom Victor

We’ve all done stupid sh*t when we’re drunk, but nothing on this level.

After a heavy night, one student was desperate to get back to the comfort of his own bed, so he ordered an Uber taxi to his London home.

The only problem? He was in Manchester at the Conservative Party Conference and it cost him a whopping £311.

“Well you know what a drunken night out is like! I’m 19 years old and intend to enjoy my youth,” the anonymous youngster told BuzzFeed.

If we had £311 to spare after a night’s drinking we’d be answering the age old question of how much doner meat and chips it takes to fill a hotel room, and you’re a fool if you wouldn’t do the same.