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14th Oct 2023

Drone footage captures incredibly rare images of uncontacted people who are cut off from world

Joseph Loftus

Truly mind-blowing

Incredible drone photographs have captured a brief, never-seen-before, snippet into the lives of tribal people from across the world.

The images, taken by G. Miranda for Survival International, show pictures of tribal people taken by drones.

The photographs show tribes in the Amazon in Brazil, near the Peru border, as well as the infamous Sentinelese tribe on North Sentinel Island who are recognised as the most dangerous tribe on the planet (why? because they defend themselves.).

One video shared by Survival International shows a number of photographs taken of these tribal people back in 2018.

In the comment section beneath the video, many people spoke of how vastly different our lives are compared to those of the tribes people. One wrote: “It blows my mind how different our lives are.

“The fact that they don’t even know about the existence of grocery stores, factories, phones, social media, everything that makes our society what it is. It’s so surreal.”

A third said: “The ability to see through brush like that, is something that is taught to special forces in jungle training.

“This concept was a fascination for me in my youth, so I went out and taught myself how to do it, honestly, it’s shocking how useful a skill it has been throughout my life.”

Truly incredible.