Crisp sandwich shop opens in West Yorkshire 6 years ago

Crisp sandwich shop opens in West Yorkshire

We've had cereal cafes, milk bars and other hipster inventions for people with more money than sense, but we've reached peak food nonsense - a crisp sandwich shop.

What's more, this isn't some Shoreditch invention, nor is it located in Manchester's Northern Quarter. No - this is in bloody Yorkshire, the land of no bullsh*t and good 0ld-fashioned common sense.


That's right. On Thursday, local entrepreneur Mark Pearson opened the doors to 'Mr Crisp' in Keighley, West Yorkshire. For folk craving for crunch in their crust.

The starchy eatery boasts over 50 varieties of crisps, and you have your choice of white bread, brown bread, teacakes or baguettes.

But worry not if your tastes are a little more exotic than mere chipsticks in a barm. You can add a number of exotic flavours such as tomato ketchup, salad cream and jam.

Now don't get us wrong, we genuinely love a good crisp sarnie - the juxtaposed crunchiness of the potato against the softness of the bread is a rare delight. But a whole cafe devoted to it?

As the good folk of Yorkshire used to say: Give over.