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05th Jul 2021

City mocked for covering up rainbow crossing the moment Pride month ended

Kieran Galpin

We love the gays, but only for 30 days.

There is a running joke in the LGBTQ+ community that the moment the clock strikes twelve on the 30th of June, companies strip anything resembling a rainbow from their branding. But the city of Chicago has taken it one step further, spending tax-payer funds to re-tarmac a rainbow crossing they had painted.

But some people have defended the action:

“Please keep in mind that a rainbow is no crosswalk, and people from anywhere else, not knowing that this particular rainbow is supposed to be a crosswalk, will not stop for a rainbow. This becoming a safety and legal issue sooner or later.”

But others have pointed out just how hilarious this response is, with Twitter user ‘Spar-kie’ saying:

“Me ploughing over a family of four in my Ford Focus because I didn’t realise that the thing that looks exactly like a crosswalk but there’s a rainbow in the middle was a crosswalk.” The same user is responding to a lot of the tweets defending the city’s actions.

Colour blindness and the fact it doesn’t look like a crosswalk have also been slated as reasoning for the decision. However, rainbow champion ‘Spar-kie’ is quick to rebuke every comment, not just with opinions but with facts, googled images, and statistics. Other Twitter users have reacted by sharing images of rainbow crosswalks that have been installed for years, most notably in Atlanta, Georgia.
Chicago’s mayor Lori Lightfoot is yet to respond. However, she is currently dealing with an onslaught of press confrontations following an increase in violence over the week. Six people were shot and killed, and another nine hit by bullets and wounded in less than 72 hours.