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02nd Jun 2018

Can you find ‘dog’ on the hardest word search ever?

James Dawson

Can you find it?

We all like a word search, don’t we? I mean when it comes down to it they’re fundamentally good things. Hey, I mean sure, we have mobile phones. We have Xboxes. We have flat screen TVs. But sometimes all you need is a good ol’ fashioned word search. You know what I’m saying?

But sometimes they can be hard. They can be tricky. Sometimes they can leave you questioning if the word is even there at all.

Take this word search that has gone viral. It’s not easy this one. It’s not easy at all. No, it’s anything but easy.

Hardest Word Search Ever

The word is hidden in a mix of Ds, Os, and Gs, just 14 characters across and 14 characters down. It’s truly a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.

I’m going to give you the answer, though. But first, for no reason other than to fill a little bit of space so you don’t get the spoilers unless you want them, here are some of Oasis’ best songs.

It’s crazy when you think about how many great songs they had. I actually had the chance to see them on their last tour, but I assumed they’d reunite and didn’t bother getting the tickets. Still gutted about it.

But anyway, enough about that, here’s where ‘dog’ was on the crossword…

Well done to anybody who found it!