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01st Apr 2016

British people really fell for this ‘new iPhone X’ April Fools’ prank

We probably would have too...

Ben Kenyon

Whenever there’s a new iPhone model in the pipeline, the hype goes into overdrive.

There’s been talk of this gigantic new model, rumours the next phone could be waterproof and even the odd leak about new cameras.

But there’s been that many new Apple devices talked about that we can barely remember which one we’re on.

It appears that the good people of Great Britain can’t either.

So Woody and Kleiny took to the streets of London to horribly exploit their ignorance in the name of an April Fools’ prank.

Basically they took a regular iPhone 6 out into the world but gave it a jazzy new title of ‘iPhone X’.

They then asked people to compare it with the old one (which was actually the very same phone) and this was their reaction…

Video via Woody and Kleiny