Drunk woman sparks police chase after getting on motorised suitcase 4 months ago

Drunk woman sparks police chase after getting on motorised suitcase

Before you ask, no, Benny Hill wasn't playing...

In perhaps one of the funniest headlines you'll stumble across this week, a drunk woman's behaviour in a Florida airport led to a mini motorised suitcase police chase after she was told she could not board her flight. What a sentence.


As you can see in the raw footage from the police officer's bodycam, the 32-year-old woman identified as Chelsea Alston arrived at the flight gate in Orlando International Airport clearly intoxicated and with a plastic cup still in her hand.

The incident actually took place back in April of 2021 and as you can see in the extended clip, Officer Andrew Mamone is extremely patient with the p*ssed up passenger but despite his best efforts, has to pursue her around the airport.


Alston clearly isn't in the right state of mind for diplomacy. As the footage rolls on, you can hear her complaining that she's been stuck there for "hours" before telling the officer: "suck my d***".

As you would expect, crowds in the terminal watch on with equal parts puzzlement and amusement, as no sooner after the officer jokes, "you're gonna have a bike pursuing a suitcase in a minute", the woman darts off on her motorised luggage.

Mamone quickly notes, "oh man, that thing kind of goes fast", before preceding to follow her on his police bicycle, fully acknowledging how funny and bizarre the unfolding scenario looks to other passengers, adding: "totally normal, right?"

The motorised suitcase police chase (we're never going to get bored of saying that) unfortunately ends in a less than amicable manner, as Alston cannot be reasoned with and spits at Mamone, who then decides the best course of action is to arrest her.


She was ultimately charged with disorderly conduct, failure to comply and resisting arrest. She also pled not guilty to battering the officer and causing more than $1,000 damage to his patrol car.

We wish this story could have had a happier ending but we did enjoy the ride - at least more than Chelsea did, in the long run anyway.

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