Boost your fashion credentials by following these expert tips 4 years ago

Boost your fashion credentials by following these expert tips

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Getting dressed in the morning is one of life's more mundane tasks, but we all have to do it, every day, forever. It's very tempting to just throw on the same pair of jeans you had on yesterday and a fresh t-shirt, but if you like to take pride in your appearance, you should put a bit more thought into how you choose your outfit of the day. Dressing well breeds confidence, which can only increase your chances of having a happy, productive day.


But then, keeping up with the latest fashion dos and don'ts can be a nightmare. So to help you out we spoke to fashion writer and menswear expert Alice Ierace, who explained some key rules to follow in order to dress fashionably and comfortably.

Dress according to who you want to be.

There is no one correct way to dress, everyone's style is naturally different.


"People might consider fashion to be extremely superficial, but we have to remind ourselves that the way in which we dress is the way in which we present ourselves to the outside world. I would say it's important to remember who we want to be (or appear to be) and dress accordingly, without forgetting to feel comfortable", Alice says.

Never wear brown and black together.

While style is unique to each individual, this is a good general rule to follow. Always one or the other, never both. Also be wary of combining blue and black.


Steer clear of the trend of wearing no socks. Just wear socks.

"I think socks add something extra to the outfit, especially if it's a plain one. Plus, invisible socks can be such a pain – honestly, just get yourself a pair of statement socks and rock them", Alice says.


Football shirts with jeans are fine, but avoid clashing colours.

"Sporty clothes are everywhere nowadays. From high fashion sneakers to cycling shorts being used as a fashion statement", Alice says. "To me, the easiest and best way to wear a football shirt would be with a pair of jeans (or shorts if it's summer). Possibly something that compliments the colour of the T-shirt and doesn't clash. And, if the T-shirt is quite baggy, I would opt for a slim pair of jeans."

Choose jeans with a cut that suits your outfit. 

You may have noticed that skinny jeans are gradually being ousted from the mainstream, with baggier fitting trousers coming back into fashion. But you shouldn't necessarily feel obliged to blindly follow this. It's all about the outfit.


"In my opinion baggy jeans are way more comfortable than skinny and can, at times, look better. I think it all depends on what top you're wearing and what you're dressing up for. But I think mixing it up every once in a while and wearing something slightly different can really give you a confidence boost", Alice says.

Most importantly, remember fashion is not just for girls. It's a way for everyone to express themselves.

"Don't assume fashion is just for girls because fashion is a vital part of your life whether you're aware of it or not. Use clothes as a way to express the best version of yourself and don't be scared to experiment."

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