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31st Jan 2023

Body language expert reveals signs you’re giving someone the ‘ick’

Steve Hopkins

Watch out for the eyebrow flash!

A body language expert has revealed the signs you’re giving someone the ‘ick’.

Adrianne Carter suggests a date can show they aren’t interested in you – or you’re turning them off – by folding your arms or making distance between you both. She even suggests they might move an object, like a menu, in front of them – to create a barrier if they’re not interested.

The 53-year-old says a date might be going well and they’re likely to fancy you if they hold eye contact, lean towards you, raise their eyebrows or roll their sleeves up.

Adrianne, from Lichfield, Staffordshire, said: “A really simple rule for dates is when someone is leaning in – getting closer to you – it’s probably going well.

“Generally when someone is giving you the ick you will be scrunching up your nose slightly.

“When someone doesn’t like someone or has the ick, you will see that nose wrinkling of disgust.

“There will be lots of those expressions but short flashes of them, it won’t be obvious but if you look for the signs it will be there.”

Distance is another telltale sign. If someone is interested, they will lean in. If they’re not, they will try and “make more space between you and them”.

“Also use it as a warning from your body. If I lean back I am not interested in them – your body will always tell you,” Adrianne explains.

Another tell-tale sign a date is going well is good eye contact, but not too much.

“Creating lasting eye contact is important, the ideal time seems to be 60 to 70 per cent eye contact.

“If you do more that can become too intense and aggressive, it comes across a bit needy like you are waiting for a reaction.”

The expert said that some people do “peacocking” – where someone wears or does something to get noticed – on a date to get the person’s attention or show they are interested.

“This is when people start messing with their hair, they are pouring attention to it.

“They are trying to grab your attention, if they are flicking or flickering with their hair it is a sign they want to look good for you and they want you to notice.”

Rolling sleeves up, is another sign, Adrianne says: “When he rolls his sleeves up, he wants you to see his forearms to show his strength.

“If he rolls his sleeves up he is interested and ready for action – it is the same with women.”

Adrianne says people will put up barriers – by either folding their arms or putting objects in front of them.

“If you are on a date, they might move something in front of them or, I hate to say it, cross their arms but some people do it for comfort.

“I have a simple rule of thumb – open facial expression, open-minded, open body language, they are interested.”

Adrianne claims another sign that someone is interested in you is if they might flash their eyebrows.

“If you want to know if someone likes you and they’re not giving you constant eye contact – watch for this.

“A double eye flash is where someone looks away, looks again and looks again.

“It is very revealing, it means the person is interested.

“The eyebrow flash is not just for dating – you will see it throughout your life.

“If someone is interested in what you have to say they will often do an eyebrow flash with a little smile.”

Adrianne’s top tips that someone is interested in you:

  • Leaning forward –
  • Eye contact
  • An eyebrow flash
  • A double look
  • Rolling sleeves up
  • Showing their neck

Adrianne’s signs that someone isn’t interested:

  • Leaning back
  • Folding arms
  • Putting an object in front of them

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