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14th Aug 2015

Bloke catfishes girl on Tinder by stealing Forrest Gump’s life

Life is like a tinderbox of chocolates...

Tom Victor

We’ve all thrown the odd white lie into our dating profiles from time to time.

Now’s probably the time to admit I’m not 6’4″ and my photo was actually taken five minutes before I was arrested for trespassing on that yacht.

But one American has gone overboard (pun very much intended) with his Tinder profile, in which he boasts of being a shrimp fisher and table tennis enthusiasast with a passion for long-distance running.

If that sounds familiar it’s because Blake (if that’s even is his real name) has taken Forrest Gump’s life events and passed them off as his own.

The self-proclaimed ex-military man also writes of trying to get over his childhood sweetheart, while even throwing in more obvious references and catchphrases.

He amazingly got at least one match, and responded to a question with the line “you never know what your [sic] gonna get”.

As for how he spends his weekends? “Making small talk with people at the bus stop.” Obviously.


We’re not sure what prompted him to do all this. Maybe he just felt like running with it.

H/T Mashable