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31st Dec 2022

Bartender sends boss brutal three-word response after 3am text

Charlie Herbert



After being contacted at three in the morning by his employer, an employee quit with just three simple words in the most spectacular fashion.

If you haven’t worked in a dead-end job and fantasised about leaving in a grand display, consider us envious. Job quitting stories are always incredible because in some way, we can all relate to them.

One bartender shared his own tale on Reddit, detailing how his boss asked him to work an 11 hour shift on his day off, before having a go at the employee for drinking the night before.


Screenshots of the conversation have since gone viral, with almost everyone agreeing with the ex-employee.

“I need you to come in 11 am-10 pm today, we have an event scheduled and one bartender,” reads the message sent to the employee at 2.59 am.


Naturally, the employee replied and informed his boss that tomorrow was his day off – fairly reasonable, right?

Well apparently not, as his boss replied: “You need to be a team player, it isn’t all about you. Please come in tomorrow.”

The employee quickly shot back with: “Why are you just now telling me at 3 am that you need me to work 11 hours tomorrow?”

The man informed his nagging boss that he had drank that evening, insisting that he didn’t want to be hungover at work on what was supposed to be his day off.


“Getting too drunk is not a good look,” his manager replied.

But after informing his manager that asking him not to drink on his day off was ridiculous, his boss replied: “We are going to talk about this attitude when you come in Sunday.”

Here’s where things get really spicy.

“Bartenders are needed all over the place now. I think I’ll just go work at one of the dozens of places hiring around here. I’m fed up with you,” the employee says, standing his ground.

No doubt in panic mode, the manager insists he does not make an impulsive decision and claims he would regret this tomorrow when he wakes up.

In arguably the best response of the year, the now ex-employee replies: “Eat.My.Ass.”

As mentioned above, the post has now gone viral on Reddit and stacked up countless supportive comments.

“He asked and you said no. He has absolutely no right telling you how you should conduct yourself when you’re not at work,” wrote one user.

From that nagging manager at your retail job, to the supervisor who doesn’t understand personal space, we have all stood emotionless as we imagine throwing down our uniform and marching out.

This bartender’s victory is not just their own but a win for everyone who has put up with a nagging boss over the years.

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