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05th Dec 2022

OnlyFans star at World Cup told her outfit could ‘risk her getting executed’


OnlyFans star Astrid Wett told her outfit at World Cup game could 'risk her getting executed'

She was trolled online for what she was wearing

An adult star has sparked anger online because of an outfit she was wearing at the World Cup in Qatar.

OnlyFans star Astrid Wett has been in Qatar supporting England at the tournament.

On Saturday, she shared a picture of herself at the last 16 game between Argentina and Australia, which she attended in black denim shorts, and open shirt and a bikini top.

The post picked up more than 4,000 likes, but some people suggested the outfit was a bad idea considering the Gulf State’s strict approach to clothing.

One user commented under the post with a GIF which read ‘VAR: execution’, with another saying: “Cover yourself up, respect another country rules and culture.”

A third added: “Astrid here is Qatar not England.”

Both men and women are “expected to show respect for local culture by avoiding excessively revealing clothing in public,” according to the country’s tourism page.

She’s the latest person to cause a stir with her fashion choice.

Earlier in the tournament, Croatian model Ivana Knoll posed for pictures in a revealing red and white dress while at the Croatia vs Canada game.

She had already made headlines after attending her country’s opening game against Morocco whilst wearing a Croatian flag-inspired number.

She also launched a brutal attack against the Qatari organisers, labelling the tournament as the “worst organisation in history.”

In a post on social media she said: “This is a disaster! I feel sorry for all the people who can’t go to the World Cup because of the worst organisation in history.

“My entourage didn’t get a Hayya card even after 20 days, even though they have all the tickets to the final.

“It’s clear why so many people didn’t even want to participate in this circus!”

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