Americans show Nike who's boss by destroying clothes they have already paid for 3 years ago

Americans show Nike who's boss by destroying clothes they have already paid for

Snowflakes owned!!!

After it was announced on Monday that Colin Kaepernick, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback who started the take a knee movement as a protest against racial injustice in America, would be the face of Nike's upcoming 30th anniversary 'Just Do It' campaign, predominately white Americans reacted in just about the only way they could.


Like this - a twitter post which has since been deleted:

Imagine that, showing Nike what's what by attempting to cut off the swoosh logo on your shirts WHILST still wearing them.


It gets even better, as this man is barely able to cut through his socks in a straight line, such is the apparent cut-resistant quality of his Nike sportswear:

Would it surprise you, would it surprise you at all if that man had just gnawed through them on all fours like a dog in a rage? It wouldn't, would it? It wouldn't surprise you at all.


And look, this man is burning his lawn for no reason! That will show them!

And those were his favourite shoes? Jesus. It's even worse than I thought.


Oh, and here he is, the big dog, the brace-faced teenager from white middle-class America who will show he JUST ISN'T GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE BY BURNING SOME SHOES HIS PARENTS BOUGHT FOR HIM.

TAKE THAT NIKE!!111!!!1!!1111!!!!

Here are some general bad tweets for your viewing pleasure. Please enjoy responsibly.


Hippocrates is the word. The ancient Greek physician and one of the important figures in the history of medicine. Screw Kap - whatever his name is. It's all about Hippocrates.

Here are your Team Under Armour shoes bro, bearing the name of Steph Curry (who has repeatedly refused to visit President Trump in the White House). You have fun in them, jogging around a park in cargo shorts whilst listening to Coldplay. They suit you perfectly xxx

Veaz: "I will NOT waste my money"

Also Veaz: Lemme just throw multiple pairs of shoes in the trash real quick.

That's a real shame the Marty McFly's have had to be binned after 30 years you gigantic manboy.

Actual Tea Party conservative Debbie Dooley here, part of a key demographic for Nike and therefore a huge loss.

I regret to inform you that the NFL is still very much a thing.

This man who is boycotting Nike is very, very oddly eager to demonstrate that he owned loads of Nike and even specify what trainers he had... almost as though the brand is cool or something??? I dunno?????

@Nike, Wesley Corder thinks this is a bad business move. You might, might, want to reconsider.

A man whose Twitter avatar is a picture of a car is returning his kids 'back to school' sneakers.

Bill here, revealing that he actually used to PLAN trips to the Nike store he loves the brand so much, like he used to pencil them into his diary and everything.

Also, re: blocking the football channel, you know you can just not watch it, yeah? Yeah. Just do that instead I reckon.

This man, with Michael Jordan as his avatar, the most famous/important/prominent Nike sponsored athlete of all time, is really fucking handing it to them. Big style. Oh boy. This is getting out of hand.

MrDuckSauce88 is not! Impressed! Lads!

Surely the perfect time to boycott Nike products was when you first realised you didn't like Nike products? I feel like you've just wasted a lot of money between then and now Ray.

Deplorable Tracy has cracked it. That's exactly it. Nail meet head. #JustBlewIt

Wow! Realmarkcrowell (23 followers) has realised his ENTIRE WOREDROBE is Nike but he is NEVER buying Nike again. From now. Like, from now onwards he is never buying Nike. From... now. Now.

Maybe the most depressing call to arms imaginable: "Here I come New Balance!"

Hahahahahaha. Those look like a pair of absolute beauties you lucky, lucky man.

How else were you getting the sneakers before, Ricky, if you weren't buying them?

Prepare 4 loss @Nike!!!

Aaaaand fin.