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22nd May 2019

Aldi is selling a outdoor heater with a built-in Bluetooth speaker


Summer is here…

At this point, it’s fair to know that Aldi knows how to do summer right. Or at least how to let the British people do summer right at a bargain price.

From cut-price log burners to BBQ pizza ovens to four-person hot tubs if you want to make summer 2019 the summer of your dreams, then the German supermarket is there to make it happen.

The latest product they have on sale is yet another addition to their range of brilliant summer products.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, introducing an outdoor heater with built-in Bluetooth speaker that is being sold at Aldi for less than £100. Sure, it’s £99.99, but that’s still a good deal. A damn good deal.

The heater is 135cm tall and gives off 1500W of heat. You also get a remote control for the volume.

The product description reads: “Avoid catching any unwanted chills on cool evenings by unwinding next to the ambient warmth of this multi function patio heater.

“An entertainment statement, the outdoor electric heater bathes its surroundings in a warm 1500w glow while playing your favourite tunes from its built-in Bluetooth speakers.

“The tower patio heater’s remote control allows you to change the LED lights depending on your mood, adding a little extra atmosphere to any situation.”

The product can be bought online or in store. Get it while the weather is still hot…