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02nd Apr 2019

Aldi is selling an outdoor BBQ pizza oven for a bargain price


This is the stuff of dreams

Those folks at Aldi are at it again, we’re afraid, this time in the form of a pizza oven for that great summertime tradition: beers and a barbecue. Why limit yourself to hotdogs and burgers when you cook up a tomato and mozzarella storm with this bad boy?

The German supermarket is selling the bargain contraption – which slides over your normal gas or charcoal barbecue – for just £39. Even better, you won’t need to go scrambling around stores to find one, as it’s available to order from their website.

The pizza oven, made from a steel exterior, also comes with a ceramic stone to help char the bottom of your pizza to perfection. It will bake pizzas with a base of up to 12 inches and can also be used for cooking meat and fish if you don’t fancy all the mess.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on one, and seeing as the sun is already blessing us with its presence, the pizza ovens will be available in stores from April 4.

You know what needs to be done.