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26th Mar 2015

Air Max Day: Get your hands on the Nike Air Max Zero whilst you can

You better be quick...

Today is Air Max Day. For those of you not au fait with sneaker culture, allow us to explain:

Air Max Day is a chance for the growing ranks of crep collectors to ‘wear their Air’ and show to the rest of us mere mortals that dropping hundreds of pounds on pristine kicks is a better way of spending money than we thought.

However, they may have a point when it comes to the Nike Air Max. When it launched in 1987, the Air Max 1 changed the sports footwear game for good.

Remarkably inspired by the Pompidou Centre in Paris, the air-bubble-cushion-on-the-outside design has become a design classic in its own right, with a new version released each year.

Air Max Day 2015 sees the release of the Air Max Zero, and footwear fetishists are going bananas for it.

Based on a series of 1980s prototype sketches of Air Max from legendary Nike man Tinker Hatfield, the Zero is perceptively described by the sports giant as “the one before the 1”.

Those in the know will be aware that the Zero has a similar midsole to the classic AM1 but is fused with high tech fabric and modern construction methods.

It’s a big deal. Hurry and get a pair – if you still can.