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25th Nov 2015

A new study has revealed what women want from a man in bed

It's good news

Put the tweezers away says new findings, here’s what women want in a man.

For anyone who spends hours on their hair or waxes their chest you’re sh*t out of luck.

Women apparently prefer a lover who’s a bit rough around the edges, according to the Victoria Milan poll of 3,211 members of the fairer sex.

More than 80% of women are looking for a more mature lover who likes to dominate in the bedroom.

If you thought chivalry was dead, there’s 69% of women who might disagree – as they would like a bloke who is ‘extremely protective’ of his partner.

Only one in five women said they wanted a metrosexual man – and the poll revealed than followers of fashion, chest shavers or blokes who dyed their hair were a big turn off.

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The poll basically found that women want a man who is gentlemanly but dominant in bed, is in good shape but not obsessed with diet and appearance and still able to change a light bulb and do manly stuff.

Founder and CEO of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, said the rising of the retrosexual male showed women have given up on manscaped metrosexuals and were heading back to the traditional, no-frills type of man.

“Women want a real man. Someone who can hold them, protect them, show them a great time in the bedroom and act in a gentlemanly manner when they go out for dinner,” he said.”A guy who can look after a woman’s needs and change a light bulb, without worrying when his next chest wax is a turn-on.”
*Puts tweezers in bin