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17th Nov 2022

6ft 2ins woman who wanted to shrink now making £250k a month on OnlyFans

Jack Peat

‘I want to inspire other tall girls’

A 6ft 2ins woman who wanted to shrink says her height is now her superpower and she’s earning £250k a month on Only Fans.

Marie Temara, 27, felt insecure about her 4ft 5in length legs for years – until she found fame on social media.

She’d previously researched height reduction surgeries as a teen but has now embraced being tall and loves rocking high heels.

Fans now praise her for her tall stature – rather than bullying her and calling her a “giant” like her former classmates during her school days.

Marie never wore or even owned a pair of heels because she “didn’t want to be any taller” but now struts around in them with her head held high.

Marie’s family have also struggled with their height – her mum, Christine, 60, is 6ft 5ins, her dad, Mike, 61, is 6ft 3ins, and her brothers – Shane, 27, and Troy, 24 – are 6ft 9ins and 6ft 10ins.

Mum Christine, 60, was nicknamed ‘Chris’ like a man – as she had short hair and a tall build growing up and she was also called ‘Jolly Green Giant’.

Both Marie and Christine struggle to find clothes that fit their long limbs and often have to buy male clothes or avoid wearing trousers.

Marie, a former accountant, has now turned her height into a career and rakes in up to £250k in a good month on Only Fans – and £160k on average.

Marie, a model and content creator, from Miami, Florida, US, said: “I used to want to shrink but now I love being tall.

“I researched height reduction surgeries as a teenager.

“I never wore heels or even owned any.

“I was really insecure about my height until a video went viral on social media and I got loads of positive praise.

“Now I make a career off my height.

“I have so much more confidence.”

Christine has also been able to gain confidence from Marie’s platform and struggled herself with bullying when she was growing up.

Christine, a receptionist, said: “I never fit in with anyone because of my height.

“I stood out.

“I was nicknamed Chris, like I was a guy, because of my short hair and height.

“Marie told me when she was at school that she was eating her lunch in the bathroom because of the bullying – it was horrible to hear.

“Every day there is always someone staring or asking how tall I am.

“I have to wear men’s shorts and three-quarter lengths as they’re the only things that fit me.”

Marie loves the attention she and her family now gets for being tall.

“People will comment and say, ‘your mum is beautiful’ which is lovely for her,” Marie said.

“All the eyes are on me, which I used to see as a negative, but now I see it as a positive.

“I’m really successful on Only Fans because of people’s fetish for giantism.

“They want me to pick up small guys or dress up as a ‘she Hulk’ or other powerful characters.

“I love it.”

Marie previously would never have dated someone shorter than her but is now open to a “short king”.

“Society says you can’t date someone smaller, but I’ve realised that doesn’t make any sense,” she said.

“Now I’m open to shorter guy – a short king.

“I like to stand out now.

“It’s good to be different.

“I want to inspire other tall girls.”

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