300,000 now attending No 10 Christmas rave 5 months ago

300,000 now attending No 10 Christmas rave

Let's hope Boris's flat refurb was as big it was rumoured to be...

We might be staring down the barrel of another lockdown as the holiday season nears and the UK government reverts to 'Plan B' - but someone will have to tell the 300,000+ who are attending the Christmas rave at No 10 first.


That's right: at present, over 304,000 people are now attending the joke Christmas rave at Downing Street on December 24, with a further approximately 480k 'interested' in the event.


To quote the words of Succession's Kendall Roy, "maybes are nos" - especially when you're trying to deny illegal parties that quite clearly happened. We can only hope a few heroes on this event actually go.

A fair few people did actually go to 'Area 51' - remember that? So who knows? It's not like we don't know where it is and we could at least fill the awkward silence in Westminster with some banging choons.

Set up by DJ Jon Mancini, the Facebook event was humorously marketed as follows:

No social distancing required.
Bring Who you like.
Bring your own Nibbles and drink"
After all, if they were allowed to enjoy what we now believe to be at least three and as many six parties over the Christmas period and the last lockdown, then why shouldn't we all go have a dance?
From what we've heard, they put on a great wine and cheese spread with Secret Santa and a few party games thrown in too.
It's settled then, we're going and we'll sort the music. Might be a bit tame for a rave - but we've been loving this track recently...

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