Ant & Dec make another dig at Boris Johnson and No 10 party cover-up 6 months ago

Ant & Dec make another dig at Boris Johnson and No 10 party cover-up

Run it back

Comedy and British TV legends Ant & Dec can't miss at the moment, especially when having a pop at Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the government is like fish in a barrel following the ongoing No 10 Christmas party scandal.


On last night's episode of I'm A Celeb, they followed up their now-viral take on the 'Evening, Prime Minister' gag from Tuesday with another little skit that, while even more on the nose than last time, still gave us a good chuckle.


As you can see, they start the segment off by pinning the joke on a cover-up within the camp, before Ant says, "if we've learnt one thing in the past 24 hours, it's that you can get away with covering thing's up" - Dec already laughing before he can even get the sentence out. Think the time for nuance has passed in this instance, anyway, to be fair.

Dec then goes on to say that this "will come back to bite them at some point", quipping that "it might take a year but it will happen".

As if the thin veil hadn't been dropped already, Dec then goes on to do a fake Freudian slip by saying, "it was obvious what happened, even Ant & Dec are ahead of the Prime Minis—sorry, Danny Miller!".

Like the story itself, we reckon this joke will run and run, especially as the majority of people are now calling for the PM to resign, along with any of those who may have been in attendance at the illegal Christmas party last year.


Looks like the duo will have plenty of content for the rest of the season.

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