First patient jabbed with cancer vaccine in new trial 1 year ago

First patient jabbed with cancer vaccine in new trial

Revolutionary cancer drug enters stage two of clinical trials

Though the world is so focused on the pandemic and all its many medical hurdles, there have been some tremendous strides in other medical fields. One of those being the immense hope of a cancer-preventing vaccine.


Pharmaceutical company BioNTech has successfully moved to stage two of its clinical trials. These trials include injecting people with stage three or four melanomas and then closely monitoring them to see if they react to the drug. The technology itself is similar to that of the Covid Vaccine, where a dead version of the disease is introduced to the body so it can better fight off the real thing.

The cancer vaccine could help millions across the world/Via Getty

The CEO of BioNTech commented on this revolutionary stride in the right direction:

"Our vision is to harness the power of the immune system against cancer and infectious diseases.

"We were able to demonstrate the potential of mRNA vaccines in addressing Covid-19. We must not forget that cancer is also a global health threat, even worse than the current pandemic."

More than 450 people a day die from cancer, and that is only in the UK. This drug could fight off a disease that has broken so many families apart. It is refreshing to see some positive news in the medical industry, and it will undoubtedly fuel people with hope for their futures.