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23rd Aug 2018

FIFA 19 ratings have been leaked and show Real Madrid fans won’t be missing Ronaldo too much

Kyle Picknell

(On the game at least)

So here it is then, here is your first glimpse of the all-important player ratings on FIFA 19, the latest instalment of the famous EA Sports franchise that has so far promised Jesse Lingard’s Milly Rock celebration (important) and even a House Rules mode, which includes the playground favourite game of Headers & Volleys.

Still, the most important aspect of any new FIFA release is the player ratings, the seemingly arbitrary number used to categorically define, in the minds of 12 to 16-year-olds at least, which players are the best in the world.

Obviously, they have no real bearing on a footballer’s actual ability, but it is always fun to watch people get angry and accuse FIFA of biasedly knocking down their favourite player to a shameful, shameful 79 whilst simultaneously boosting someone they don’t believe is worthy to a positively ludicrous 85.

With that mind, here are the first set of leaked ratings taken from the upcoming FIFA 19 demo, which will be released on September 12. Perhaps the most important takeaway from the teams shown – PSG, Atletico, Tottenham, Man City, Man United, Bayern Munich, Juventus and Real Madrid – is that Madrid doesn’t actually appear to have been weakened after losing Cristiano Ronaldo’s OP shooting, dribbling, running, heading, everything, to Juventus, as Luka Modric and Sergio Ramos deservedly become two of the highest rated players in the game.

Here are the teams.

Atletico Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur

Not much to report here, other than Diego Godin, who has arguably been the best pure defender in the world over the last few years, getting bumped up to a 90 player (+2 88 in FIFA 18). Well done, don Diego. We’re proud of you.

Elsewhere, Griezmann (+1 from 88) and Harry Kane (+2 from 86) will probably feel hard done by after just falling short of the hallowed 90 rating despite impressive World Cups. Once they hit form during the season, however, they are likely to cross over into the realm of the gods after the update hits.

Final note: Absolutely nobody is playing a 76 rated Moussa Sissoko in their starting Spurs XI. Get big Vic or little Lucas in. That is shambolic.

Bayern Munich and Manchester City

Nothing too shocking from either of these two sides. Jerome Boateng gets knocked down to an 86 (-2 from 88) after a disastrous World Cup whilst Leroy Sane, despite being left out of the Germany squad, gets his just rewards for a fine debut season in England and is upgraded to an 86 (+4 from 82).

Kevin De Bruyne becomes a 91 (+2 from 89) because he is Kevin De Bruyne and should have had that rating last season, whilst David Silva goes close to 90 territory by jumping to a 89 (+2 from 87). He is a god already anyway, to be honest. His rating is redundant.

Final note: Just look at those top four options off the City bench. Woof.

Real Madrid and Juventus

Two big guns now. Cristiano Ronaldo stays exactly the same on his lofty perch of a 94 rating, whilst a few notable former teammates of his see big gains in their own number.

Luka Modric FINALLY enters the realm of the gods, hitting 91 (+2 from 89) after completely bossing the World Cup and, er, pretty much every single football match he has played in the last four to five seasons. Similarly, Ramos goes up to a 91 (+1) and will surely be the highest rated defender on the game.

One man wrecking crew Isco also sees a huge jump in his rating too, rising from a lowly 86 to a practically satanic 89. New signing Thibaut Courtois gets bumped to a 90 (+1 from 89) simply by moving from Chelsea whilst Marcelo also gets a little increase (+1 from 87) because his hair has presumably grown an inch and boosted his heading attribute.


PSG and Manchester United

Kylian Mbappe deservedly skyrockets to an 87 (+4 from 83) after a blistering World Cup, whilst Neymar stays exactly the same on 92. New in Paris, Gianluigi Buffon is still going strong on a 88 (-1 from 89).

For United, Jose Mourinho’s Sam Allardyce 2.0 tactics are the only thing keeping Paul Pogba from the 90 rating his ability warrants, and Chris Smalling (no change), Antonio Valencia (-1 from 83) and Alexis Sanchez (-2 from 89) can all consider themselves extremely fortunate to not see greater drops in their ratings.

Final note: I refuse to accept that Lassana Diarra is an 80. Absolutely not.

There you have it in terms of ratings, something for and your mates to argue about when you’re not discussing all your latest Fantasy Football mishaps.