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27th Oct 2023

GTA 6 map concept combined all major cities into one sprawling open world

If you thought driving cross-map already took a long time!

GTA 6 leaks already led to suggestions players might be able to travel between states, now one fan has come up with an idea that has blown gamers’ minds.

GTA fanatics have been desperate to undercover details of the new iteration of the beloved game – that has sold millions of copies worldwide – ever since Rockstar announced in February 2022 that “active development for the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series is well underway”. GTA 5 was released a decade ago.

But few details have been forthcoming.

GTA 5 saw the release of Los Santos, a huge virtual playground that gamers have been enjoying since its reveal in 2013, but fans think they now deserve a bit more terrain to conquer.

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One fan generated a lot of excitement after posting an idea on Reddit.

Imagine of all the major cities of GTA – Vice City, Los Santos, and Liberty City – were all combined and became one.

While the concept is killer, the likelihood of Rockstar green-lighting it is unlikely.

But after sharing a picture of the concept map, fans got talking – mainly about flying vehicles.

One said: “It would give planes a lot more purpose.”

Another wrote: “Yes please. I love flying.”

While a third penned: “Still can’t believe there hasn’t been a map expansion. I’d be happy paying for it.”

Rockstar has been hit with a bunch of leaks since revealing GTA 6 was on its way.

In a statement the company wrote: “We recently suffered a network intrusion in which an unauthorised third party illegally accessed and downloaded confidential information from our systems, including early development footage for the next Grand Theft Auto.

“We are extremely disappointed to have any details of our next game shared with you all in this way.

“We will update everyone again soon and, of course, will properly introduce you to this next game when it’s ready. “We want to thank everyone for their ongoing support through this situation.”

No official release date is known for GTA 6, but it is thought the game will be come out sometime in 2025.

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