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08th Jun 2020

Super Mario Strikers: The craziest football game ever made


Super Mario Strikers isn’t your usual football game

There’s a lot more to Super Mario than just stomping on turtles and hoarding coins. The-long running series of Mario Sports titles have seen him take to the tennis court, the golfing green and even the Olympics.

With such an accomplished sporting pedigree, it should come as no surprise that gaming’s favourite Italian also once gave football a go back in 2005, in the cult GameCube title Super Mario Strikers.

As a massive football and Mario fan, this game was a dream come true for 11-year-old me – a true clashing of worlds.

The game played more or less how you’d expect – it was essentially football crossed with Mario Kart. You could pass, tackle and shoot, but also blow your opponents up, break their necks with banana peels, and electrocute them. Eat your heart out, FIFA.