You've been pouring cooking oil wrong your whole life 10 months ago

You've been pouring cooking oil wrong your whole life

Who knew oil pouring could be so easy?

TikTok has a habit of showing us mere mortals how we are doing everything wrong, and the latest addition is how we pour oil.


Usually, when one buys a bottle of olive oil, or avocado oil if you're bougie, you merely remove the lid and rip off that bit of plastic that almost seems like a random addition to the packaging. Well, it turns out that plastic is not such a random addition.

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Now, here is where things get interesting. As per the TikTok above, remove the plastic inner layer and flip it upside down. Be sure not to let the plastic drop inside; otherwise, your pasta may be plastic.

This valve allows you to control the amount of oil you pour in.

Though the chefs at home may be shaking their heads, wondering what happened to the basic cooking knowledge, the video currently has 1.2m views and counting.

"Wait, I thought everyone knew about this, I wish I made a video so I could get likes," says one very jealous TikTok user.


"I did it, and the thingy just ended up in the oil," says another who clearly has a lot of practising to do.

But despite the life-changing hack, courtesy of TikTok user @Chaldomom, others were more concerned over her cooking practices. While one person questioned why she was pouring oil over pasta, another was occupied on her vegetable choice. "Why you got so many cucumbers?" he writes, posting a series of winky faces alongside his comment.

Whether you are a granny with a nifty collection of recipes, or a student who lives on super noodles and Pringles, there is always room for practical knowledge.

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