This 3kg cheeseburger is free for anyone who can demolish it under the time limit 2 years ago

This 3kg cheeseburger is free for anyone who can demolish it under the time limit

It's the UK's first official Man v. Food burger.

How much is too much? Is a 3kg cheeseburger with six patties and a different cheese for each one too much? How about if that same burger also contained a hot dog, some roasted and smoked ham, turkey, bacon and chilli beef? Would that be too much? Do you think that is too much? Because I'm not sure it is.

By which I mean: the first official Man v. Food challenge has finally arrived in the UK to celebrate a brand new series of the show - and the burger is predictably massive.

Photo credit Food Network

To be fair, it does sound like a challenge.

The burger, which I can only assume is delivered to you via horse and cart, consists of several different entire meals stacked on top of each other, like some kind of meat Jenga tower balancing precariously between a couple of brioche buns.

Photo credit Food Network

There is some lettuce amongst the myriad of meats, but don't let that put you off, as you get the whole thing for free if you can eat it within 15 minutes.

For those of us that like to swallow, however, the burger will cost £30, which might seem like a lot but, rough calculation, you probably won't have to eat for several years afterwards.

Photo credit Food Network

You can find the challenge at The Roadhouse restaurant in Covent Garden, between the 2nd and 16th of February and 5:30 to 8:30pm. You can only book by calling: 020 72640 6001.

Happy eating, and digesting. But good luck after that, you're on your own.