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13th Dec 2017

The UK’s favourite Celebrations, Cadbury Heroes and Roses sweets have been revealed

Paul Moore

This will definitely start a fight. Thoughts?

Christmas is the season of goodwill, peace on earth, kindness to others…yadda, yadda, yadda…if someone eats all the Maltesers from the box of Celebrations then you’re legally allowed to fire them into the moon via the world’s most uncomfortable rocket.

Yep, that might be an attitude that only Hans Gruber, The Grinch and Ebenezer Scrooge would support, but when it comes to Christmas sweets, there must be law and order.

Only recently, it was revealed that Ferrero Rocher was voted as the UK’s favourite Christmas treat – a decision that we felt was highly questionable – but a recent YouGov poll has asked Britons vote for their favourite sweets from the boxes of Celebrations, Cadbury Heroes, and Roses.

In terms of Cadbury Heroes, Twirls are the nation’s favourite at 34%, closest followed by Dairy Milk at 33%. The Eclairs come last at 17%.

What about Roses? Well, the delectable Hazel in Caramel is the most popular choice inside the Roses tub, at 28%. Golden Barrels and Hazel Whirls are joint 2nd on 25%, while the controversial Strawberry Dream comes 4th on 20%. Brazilian Darkness and Caramel Bite are joint last at 10%.

What disappears fastest from Celebrations boxes? Of course it’s the Maltesers Teaser with 39% of people saying it is their favourite. What else could it be? Galaxy comes 2nd (29%) and Galaxy Caramel 3rd (27%). Mars bars are the most likely to languish at the bottom of the box at 15%.

Here are the poll results in full: