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02nd Feb 2022

The Chicken Big Mac has arrived at McDonald’s today and everyone’s saying the same thing

April Curtin

Maccies fans are urging another item to be added to the menu

Chicken Big Macs have officially arrived in UK stores, but it seems customers are craving a completely different burger altogether.

The new item launched as soon as breakfast service finished across McDonald’s restaurants on Wednesday, with fast food fans rushing to try the new delicacy.

Long queues also formed as a number of other items officially returned to the Maccies menu – including the Double Big Mac, Galaxy Chocolate McFlurry, Mozzarella Dippers and Chicken Select.

But despite the introduction of a brand new burger, and the return of some old school favourites, it seems Maccies fans still have an entirely different sort of scran on their minds…

The plant-based kind.

While many have taken to social media to share their reviews of the Chicken Big Mac (which have been a mixed bag, by the way) loads of burger lovers are actually calling for a vegan Big Mac to be made.

A plant-based Big Mac would “rock” according to one meat-free Maccies lover. One fan who claimed he had tried a McDonald’s Big Mac with plant-based patties said it was “awesome”.

Some even came up with name suggestions such as the “Big McPlant” and “Mc Big Plant”, while others even went a step further and asked for a Big Mac that was not only plant-based, but plant-based chicken.

Veganuary may be over, but the demand for vegan burgers (and big ones) is there.

Will Maccies make another Big Mac for meat-free lovers? Only time will tell…

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