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28th Nov 2018

Costa Coffee launches UK’s first reusable contactless payment coffee cup

Jean-Emile Jammine

Costa’s ‘Clever Cup’ will use contactless technology to make reusable coffee cups a convenient way to pay

Costa Coffee, in association with Barclaycard, have developed a new contactless coffee cup that helps both their customers and the environment.

The ‘Clever Cup’ is powered by Barclaycard technology bPay. With the help of the bPay app, users will be able to track their spending, top up their balance and block or cancel the contactless payment online.

A detachable silicon base contains the cup’s contactless element, making it easy to wash and it’s not just in Costa Coffee where the cups can be used. It will be accepted by any store which shows the contactless payment symbol.

The move is the latest by the coffee chain, which is trying to push a ‘next generation’ reusable range. Costa hopes that by 2020 it will have recycled over 500 million takeaway cups.

Costa Coffee managing director Jason Cotta said: “Contactless technology has become increasingly prominent in our daily lives and through the launch of the new Costa / Barclaycard Clever Cup we hope to appeal to those tech-savvy customers to help facilitate and drive environmentally friendly behaviour.

“The chain already offers a 25p discount on hot drinks in all their stores for customers using reusable cups and hope the innovative Clever Cup will become an additional incentive for increasing the use of reusable cups.”

Barclays’ head of sales and partnership Rob Morgan added: “Today’s shoppers are looking for seamless and ‘to hand’ ways to pay. Our wearable chip technology allows almost any accessory to be transformed into a smart payment device, unlocking the benefits of speed and ease in everyday purchases.”