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26th May 2017

Aldi are selling a whopping great steak at a ridiculously cheap price

Look at this beast! And for a steak like that, it costs next to nothing

Rich Cooper

Fans of steak, your time is now.

Summer is finally here (quick, before it legs it off again). The beers are being chilled, the shirts are coming off, and the barbecues are coming out.

Aldi, credit to them, have been the absolute champions of summer this year. They’ve brought us alcoholic ice lollies and super-cheap hot tubs (even though they were beaten on price by Argos), but now they’re coming back strong. Strong and meaty.

Friends, feast your eyes upon this.

Cor. Blimey.

This is the Tomahawk Steak. Isn’t it a beauty? And the most beautiful thing about it is the price: £12.99.

For a steak of this calibre, that is an absolute steal. According to The Sun, the same cut would run you £26.99. By anyone’s standards, that is an absolute bargain.

The deal went on sale on Thursday, but it’s only available while stocks last, so you’d better get down to Aldi sharpish if you wanna get your hands on one.