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11th Jul 2015

Watch this guy tackle epic handstand walk assault course (Video)

Ben Kenyon

The handstand walk is one of CrossFit’s toughest skills.

We saw Rich Froning boss it in the CrossFit Games 2013 final – and it caught Games Champion Sam Briggs out a year later at Regionals.

The only way to get better at walking on your hands is to practice, practice, practice.

Well, this guy has taken handstand walking to the next level. Instead of just plodding up and down a gym on his hands, he tackled a full assault course.

He wanders up and down ramps, across gaps and round corners and even pumps out some free-standing parallette handstand push-ups just to show off.

The skill level is insane but he just casually does the course…on his hands. We bow down to his shoulder strength, mobility and balance.

We’ve got some real practising to do to get to this level.

H/T RX Media