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30th Mar 2015

Vine: Sh*t got heated as McGregor and Aldo faced off in London for UFC 189

These two cannot wait to be let off the leash...

Ben Kenyon

These two fighters really hate each other.

Champion Jose Aldo had yet another stare down with Irish challenger Conor McGregor in London on the penultimate leg of the UFC 189 world tour.

It’s clear the two men despise each other. But UFC featherweight belt-holder Aldo just about managed to keep his cool with McGregor goading him in the English capital.

McGregor was in typically ebullient mood, claiming the fight would be over ruthlessly quick…

The Irishman, who has not lost a fight since 2010, was stirring it up in Aldo’s presence.

But the Brazilian didn’t rise to the Dubliner’s taunts…

UFC President Dana White had been forced to step between the pair earlier in Boston and they nearly came to blows when the tour stopped in Toronto.

So God knows what’s going to happen at the final leg of the tour in McGregor’s native Dublin.

Not even McGregor knows…

It’s going to be tin hat time, gentlemen.

We would prefer to see the fight as planned on July 11th, and not before.