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20th Mar 2015

Video: This kid’s supreme strength made us feel like little girls

We need to get down the gym. Now.

Ben Kenyon

We fancy ourselves as men of iron down at JOE.

Well, most of us are just men of Irn Bru to be honest.

But this little lad has trampled any street cred we thought we had down the gym with an unbelievable show of strength.

The kid is at an age where he can barely read and write but he nails 40 handstand push-ups like a boss.

To put it into context, we counted Nicolas Cage only doing four handstand push-ups in his cell during the film Con Air – and they weren’t even free-standing.

This superhuman young upstart is showing us all up, Nic.

Just to rub our noses in it, the youngster pulls a hulk pose and shows off a set of abs that would make 90s Peter Andre weep.

Kid – we don’t know who you are, where you’re from or how you got so damn strong – but we salute you.

(H/T doruk tube)