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27th Apr 2015

Video: Manny Pacquiao proves his steely inner strength in training

Smiling assassin...

If anyone thought Manny Pacquiao was playing around before the Mayweather fight, then watch this.

We have seen Manny smiling and laughing, making funny videos and even singing the odd pre-fight song.

But don’t be fooled. Pac-Man has his eyes on the prize for the $250m super-fight this Saturday.

We caught a glimpse of his terrifying hand speed here…

But now we have been given a real insight into Manny’s training camp and his inner strength in this latest video.

Yes he is doing his sit-ups, sprinting up steps like Rocky, plotting his combos with some shadow boxing – but it is his steely mindset which is most intriguing.

“Preparing physically, spiritually and mentally will ensure,” he says. “When you’re training you’re happy to train.

“When you are focused you don’t have to worry about what you have to do. You have peace of mind and you’re ready to fight.”

Beware the smiling assassin, Mayweather…