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20th Apr 2015

Video: CrossFit champion Sam Briggs smashing 30 muscle-ups in 3 minutes

Those biceps...

Ben Kenyon

We know Sam Briggs is an absolute machine.

She was crowned ‘Fittest Woman in the World’ at the CrossFit Games in 2013 alongside Rich Froning.

But if anyone was in any doubt about her fitness credentials, then this video will put those doubts to bed.

CrossFit HQ filmed the British firefighter hitting 30 muscle-ups in a ridiculous time of three minutes and three seconds.

Anyone who has ever tried a muscle-up (which is one of CrossFit’s toughest moves) will probably be sat open-mouthed at this feat of strength and athleticism

Anyone who hasn’t, see how many muscle-ups you can do in three minutes then come back to us.

It seems the trick (apart from being ridiculously strong) is splitting the reps up in intervals to avoid muscle burn-out.

Just to take the p*ss a little more, here’s Sam performing the move on two ropes…