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13th Sep 2018

Total Transformation: Six kilos in six weeks

With just a few weeks to go, Reuben reflects on his journey and looks ahead to the final stretch

Reuben Pinder

The final stretch beckons…

I’m now entering the final few weeks of my transformation process, and as we approach the finish line I am more aware of the fact that I still don’t look like a professional MMA fighter.

However, I have gained six kilos in the space of six weeks, and I am proud of that progress. To those who haven’t met me, I still resemble a stick, but I knew what I looked like before the process began and there has definitely been an improvement and I’m proud of that. Others are noticing my progress, too – which is always a good thing.

This past week saw the release of the video of me in the Ultimate Performance gym, in which I was put through a tough workout by my personal trainer, Matt. The reaction to the video was…mixed. The standard anonymous trolls came in their numbers, but the positive responses far outweighed the negative.

As I explain in the video, the progress I have made has boosted my confidence, which was pretty much the whole point of this process.

To quote a close friend of mine, I “used to have no shape at all,” so that’s the base that we’re working from.

Only a few weeks remain in which I’ll have the benefit of Matt’s guidance, so I intend to make the most of them by pushing myself to the maximum at the gym and fitting in the occasional extra workout where my schedule permits.

But this is really just the start; I can’t afford to stop now. Three months is not a lot of time, but six months to a year of maintaining this lifestyle should be sufficient to truly ditch the skinny life.

Stay tuned for the ‘day in the life’ features I’ll be sharing with you next week. You’ll get to see the outline of a workout I follow, alongside a standard day’s eating on this plan.

Thanks again to Ultimate Performance and my trainer Matt Milles