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01st Mar 2019

Cyclist with ‘world’s biggest quads’ shares his brutal leg workout

Cyclist Robert Förstemann sports the biggest quads on the planet. If you're in need of some leg day inspiration, take a look at his routine

Alex Roberts

Robert Förstemann arguably sports the biggest quads on the planet, but he isn’t even a bodybuilder

Known informally as ‘Quadzilla’, track cyclist Förstemann turns heads each time he takes to the velodrome. The German is a former world sprint champion, but wouldn’t look out of place on the bodybuilding stage.

Forstemann Leg Day Quads

Your legs can be the most mentally and physically draining muscle group to train, which is why so many skip this session.

If you’re in need of some leg day inspiration, it’s worth taking a look at ‘Quadzilla’ Förstemann’s brutal leg workout.

Warm Up: Watt Bike

It only makes sense that a cyclist warms up on the bike. A light form of steady state cardio performed for five to 10 minutes can help prepare you for hitting heavy weights.

LISS (the scientific name for steady state cardio) will promote blood circulation and ramp up your heart rate. Just don’t overdo it, as that can sap your strength.

With the watt bike, you have the advantage of mobilising all the key muscles involved in leg training: quads, glutes, and hamstrings.

Barbell Squats

Squats really need no introduction. They are one of the fundamental ‘big three’ lifts alongside the bench press and deadlift. Here, Förstemann is seen squatting an epic 260 kilograms.

This lift is primarily a quad builder, but your hamstrings and glutes will also feel the force. It’s a full body exercise in essence, though – also requiring excellent core strength and coordination.

The heavier you go, the lower the rep range should be.

Leg Press

The leg press effectively works all the same muscles as the barbell squat, but is a little safer on the lower back. If you’re returning from injury or are injured in the lumbar spine region, then the leg press can be hugely beneficial.

Otherwise, it’s an excellent accessory to the squat when it comes to leg day. You might want to opt for a slightly higher rep range than on the squat.

Box Jumps

In this video shot with personal trainer Johannes Luckas, Förstemann performs a few sets of box jumps.

Simply jumping up onto a box may not strike you as the best leg-building exercise, but it packs a number of key benefits.

The box jump builds explosive power in leg muscles such as the quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves. This carries over to sports and other areas of training where leg power is pivotal. If you’re looking to hit a new squat PB come leg day, warming up with box squats isn’t a bad move.