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14th Mar 2019

Thor actor Chris Hemsworth uses this workout to get into superhero shape

Da Rulk is a PT with Special Ops experience. For years, he's been tasked with whipping Chris Hemsworth into superhero shape

Alex Roberts

Chris Hemsworth Thor Ragnarok Hulk

Although there are a variety of different gym goals, most people want similar results from their training

It’s likely that increased fitness levels, more fat loss and general mobility are high on most of your gym agendas. These are certainly goals that belong to Chris Hemsworth, who you’ll know from the Thor and Avengers trilogies.

Chris Hemsworth has a newly-released fitness app called Centr. Among the hand-picked experts involved in its creation, Centr features Da Rulk, a Special Ops trainer and founder of ‘Raw Functional Training’ RFT.

Da Rulk’s workouts promise to build dynamic mobility as well as functional strength and optimal conditioning using predominantly body weight movements.

The trainer provided one of these workouts to JOE, and here it is. We’re not saying you’ll end up in Hollywood as a result, but this is certainly the way to train for A-list abs.

Each exercise should be performed for 20 seconds back-to-back, with a 30 second rest at the end of each round – what Da Rulk terms a ‘cluster’.

And a clusterf**k of emotions you too will experience. Here’s the workout in full:

There are four clusters in total. 1, 2 and 3 should be performed twice – but cluster 4 only once.

Cluster 1

  • Side Gorillas
  • Forward To Reverse Crawl 100%
  • Advanced Sit Thrus

Cluster 2

  • Square Pattern
  • 3-Step Drop
  • Ballistic Pulses

Cluster 3

  • Hostages
  • Vertical Jump
  • Switch

Cluster 4

  • 4-Step Sequence
  • Vertical Jump

At the end of this workout, you may still be crawling due to exhaustion, but you’ll have a stronger core, increased stability and a more functional, fitter physique.

Da Rulk has trained Chris Hemsworth for years. He has helped whip him into shape for roles in which getting lean and as fit as possible was paramount.

There’s no doubt you’ll be in the best possible nick with regular implementation of a HIIT workout such as this.

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