Carve out a strong core with this Swiss ball abs workout 1 year ago

Carve out a strong core with this Swiss ball abs workout

Looking to reveal your abs? It's mostly about losing body fat, but you still need to train your midsection at the gym

As is the case with any muscle group, developing your abs depends on resistance training (to protect muscle tissue) and diet. Being in a calorie deficit will help you drop body fat combined with a good abs workout.

You don't need high-tec equipment to train your abs - a Swiss ball will do the job just fine.

Try this one abs workout from Alex Crockford, personal trainer and founder of the brand CrockFit.

  • Each of the three exercises should be performed for 10 reps
  • No rest in between exercises
  • Only rest at the end of each round - for 30-60 seconds - once all three moves are complete

Gym ball leg raise pass 

"Make sure to keep your core engaged and back flat in to the floor especially as you extend your arms behind your head. Holding the ball between your feet is added work for your adductors and hip flexors!"

Gym ball crunch 

"Place the ball in the middle / lower part of your back and lay back to fully extend your abs. Keep your hips still as you crunch up half way and squeeze your stomach."

Gym ball reverse crunch 

"The first challenge is using your strength and balance to get in the starting position! Once you’re holding still in the plank / push-up position, drive your knees in to your chest whilst maintaining balance."

Here is the workout in full video form:

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One of my favourite tools for core workouts. Why? Because the ball gives you instability, making you have to work harder to stabilise the movement. That, alongside some great flexion & extension is gonna get those abs burrrrrnin’! 🔥 Try 10 reps each, no rest between exercises. Rest for 30-60 seconds at the end for 3 sets. My 3 week ABS PLAN is currently on sale at get it now for the BEST gym based abs workouts! If you buy the PDF version, you’ll have it for free when it hits the #CrockFitapp later this year. Have fun! And happy Friday 😄👊 #fitness #health #abs #absworkout #core #sixpack #sixpackworkouts #absplan #fitnessuk #fitnesstrainer #fitnesscoach #fitnessmodel #fitspiration #workoutmotivation #gym #gymmotivation #uk #london #surrey #CrockFitCommunity

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Don't forget the diet. No abs workout will reveal a six-pack if you're consuming more calories than you burn off each day.

You don't need to destroy yourself to get into a calorie deficit, either. Taking 10-20% off the number of calories needed to maintain your weight is a great place to start.

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