This is what ex-con bodybuilder Kali Muscle looked like as a teenager 5 years ago

This is what ex-con bodybuilder Kali Muscle looked like as a teenager

Some people are just born huge.

American bodybuilder, actor and former gang leader Kali Muscle is one of them.


If you've seen any US bodybuilding videos on YouTube it's probably a name you're familiar with.

The guy is a monster. Not only is he huge, but he is also ridiculously strong, able to hit muscle ups for fun and do the human flag at the impressive body weight of 240lbs.

Kali Muscle is renown for building that world famous physique within the walls of San Quentin prison where he did an seven-year stretch for armed robbery.


He would hit the prison gym every day to add size - until one day the prison guards took away the weights in 1997.

Even that couldn't stop him making gains and he used whatever he could to get strong - including waterbottles, pulling ropes and even using fellow inmates as weights on pushups and squats.

Here's some of the incredible resistance training techniques he used to hammer his biceps and triceps with while inside.


But while he did get huge during his incarceration, it turns out Kali was massive even as a teenager.

He excelled at American football, wrestling and track at school and was given a football scholarship to Fresno State University where he was a running back.

This is a photo of him aged 19. We've never seen anything like it...

This is the full Kali Muscle story...


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