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21st Aug 2015

If your urine is any of these colours, phone a doctor right now…

We're not taking the p*ss...

Ben Kenyon

A wee bit of information here for you.

You go to the toilet numerous times every day and the colour of your urine changes from time to time, but do you know why?

This simple colour code that was put together by the people at Everyday Health will give you some more information on your pee.


Clear: You’re probably drinking more water than your system needs. Although it’s good to stay hydrated, make sure to stay in and around your 2 litres of water every day.

Light yellow: If your pee is light yellow, you’re perfectly hydrated.

Dark yellow/ brown: You’re dehydrated and need to start drinking water ASAP.

Orange/ blue/ green: It might seem a little alarming, but unusual colours in your pee tends to be the results of food dyes or medication affecting your stream. This can occur when people are taking laxatives, chemotherapy drugs, or vitamins.

If you aren’t taking any of these meds, and you continue to see this colour for more than a few days, call your doctor.

Red/ pink: Unless you’ve been chowing down on beetroot or blackberries, this could be the early signs of infection. Consult your GP to have your urine tested.